Scrapbook of photos through the years

Big Train Family Restaurant first pulled into Colorado Springs at Fillmore and Nevada. We took our name from the freight trains that ran nearby, carrying goods to and from the many businesses in the area.

Never a franchise or a chain, we’re just a good, old-fashioned diner in the great American tradition. And like diners dotting the heartland, we’ve always had a family of loyal regulars.

Gathered around their familiar tables or perched at the counter, they trade news and laughs. In fact, a handmade sign on the wall above one particular spot proclaimed “Liar’s Table.” We won’t go into details.

Fortunately, it’s the people not the building that makes a family. When Kmart closed and a new development was planned at our old location, Big Train pulled out for our new destination at 808 Garden of the God’s Rd. with our regulars on board. Now we’re enjoying our spacious new location together.

The beautiful thing about regulars is anyone qualifies. Just drop in and see us from time to time, and before you know it our servers will get to know your drink order before you tell ’em.

From Old to New

When it came time for Big Train to move, our regulars spoke up on the evening news! Click here to watch.